Illuminating Business Brand with a Pink Chandelier
Glowbal Group of restaurants use our pink chandelier - the Orillia - as their business brand for Society.

If you have ever taken on the idea of opening your own business, you know that creating a brand is tough. You have to consider your target market, how you'd like others to see your business and much more…It's a lot of thought and work. When we found out the Glowbal Collection of Restaurants uses our pink chandelier the Orillia as their business brand for their establishment Society, we were certainly honored and delighted. Thank you Glowbal.

Glowbal's own Society (Located in Vancouver) hosting a fantastic clientele along with a ravishing dinning interior decore featuring our chandelier the Orillia, this lounge is certainly one of Canada's best gastronomic delights.

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The Orillia Chandelier by Eurofase

This creative masterpiece uses some of the most risque techniques to accomplish its ornate and embellished look. Crystal leaflet and carillon accents accompany the layered structure, and deep onyx or ivory white tones are contrasted with the brilliant light of chandelier bulbs. The stunning and complex glasswork procures Orillia's place as a daring focal piece in any setting.

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1257 Hamilton Street Vancouver, BC Canada V6B 6K3
T: 604.629.8800
F: 604.629.8802

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